Magic Bitcoin Bitecoin


What is it?

It's a conversation starter! Ask your friends, "Do you know why it's called Bitcoin?" pull this coin out of your pocket and take a BITE right out of the solid coin, then miraculously spit it back - instantly! Derived from the classic effect in magic - the Bite Coin. No one carries change nowadays and this is a perfect modern take on coin magic - it finally makes sense to carry a coin! 

What's included?

Included are TWO (2) Bitcoin Coins (one magic coin and one regular coin) and a leather carrying wallet that allows you to easily switch the coins without any skill or practice - if anyone wants to be wise and "examine" the magic coin. One of the coins is absolutely normal and "ungimmicked", so they can try searching to their hearts content - they won't find the secret! We also include a video that teaches you how to do this effect step by step!

Review by December Boys

This is not a typical Bitcoin coin that you see on eBay, Amazon or your local gift shop. We teamed up with the incredible SansMinds to craft this masterpiece. We've redesigned the coin from the ground up: crisp new details, high quality material, and 24K gold coating. Engineered by hand to make sure the secret stays invisible.